First of all, let me introduce myself. My pen name is Alvan, an Arabic name that means a noble friend. Why did I choose that name? because… I want to be a noble friend to you? probably, yeah, that’s why. My real name? I’ll keep that as a secret.

Moving on!

So, I am 16 year old – going 17 next year on 31st May. I live somewhere in South East Asia, more specific in Indonesia. Next year, I will also be going to college – wish me luck. I will be taking Mechanical Engineering course – again, wish me luck. I don’t know if i will take the course here in Indonesia or out of Indonesia. Well, let’s just see then. What you should I tell you next? Well, why am I creating this blog? to be honest, I am bored. My high school is a boarding school, which means that I basically live in my school. I can’t go out of this school often. I could only go out either on Saturday or Sunday if I’m not absent in any of the dorm activities. So, that is one of the reason why I’m creating this blog. Boredom. Another reason is because my friends are creating one, not that I’m a copy cat, but they told me that I should too make one and so I did. yea……………. oh, and if you are wondering why my blog name isĀ SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS, it’s because I want this blog to be a blog where people can express themselves without any hesitation. I’m not an expert yet, so I’m still learning how to build this website. Though, in the future I will actually make this blog as a medium for people to share their thoughts.

So, stay tune?